What Is Abstraction?

Abstraction is Calvin University’s Computer Science Club.

New Abstraction 2019-2020

In recent years, there has been an effort to change Abstraction’s activity base from gaming and miscellaneous activities to more Computer Science related activities. This year, we will dedicate our activities to truly empower computing students.

As our name suggests, we want to provide the “abstraction” for the increased number of computer science students of Calvin University. We want to get rid of the unnecessary obstacles of getting involved in computing activities and provide a straightforward experience to those who are passionate about computers even out of class. We will provide opportunities for leadership, project development, and community engagement.

First, we have noticed that many students have a hard time getting started with personal projects, which are essential in constructing a resume. During our events, we will inform students basic stepping stones that are not always clear in classes due to the tight schedule. Afterward, we will get students to initiate their projects with our support and motivation (food).

Next, we want to provide students with the opportunity to lead and coordinate their events, workshops, and talks through Abstraction by providing their plans with posters, food, and location. By doing so, students will have the opportunity to lead their events and engage students with their passions.

We also want to provide opportunities to learn material that is not readily available to learn in Calvin’s CS curriculum, especially for underclassmen students. This is especially so with our relationship with CIT InfoSec team. The CCDI is a very passionate team that wants to teach and equip students with computer security knowledge that is not readily taught to students in our curriculum. This also expands to the idea of mentorships from local companies, few of which showed interest after we reached out. Additionally, we plan on working with other computing/tech student organizations to engage in even more engaging activities. Also, by providing field trip activities to nearby hackathons and conferences, we would like to show students the atmosphere of working computing professionals.

Finally, our last plan this year is to create an active net of computer science students regardless of their school year.